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Content Creation Projects 

- Augmented Retail: The Great Data Scrape - 


Augmented retail is testing the limits of how much data consumers are willing to give up for the convenience of a better online shopping experience. In this project I spoke with UNSW data researcher Dr Rowan Hughes, cyber security expert Jason Splindlow and young consumers about how they assess risk versus reward in this rapidly-changing retail landscape.

           - Mock Explainer: Black Lives Matter Film Censorship



- Podcast: Generational Emotional Expression -

Generational Emotional Expression
00:00 / 04:30
This explainer video is an industry
ready product targeted towards a Junkee
Media style using a Black Lives Matter film
censorship story angle to showcase unique
stylistic elements. 
A podcast following a Triple J Hack format,
which discusses the hardships males face
with their mental health due to
cultural and society pressures and how
this affects future generations.
Is it a male problem or a society problem?
Listen to find out 
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